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Thank you

Tomorrow at 10:30pm we fly from Lima to Newark, where Leon and Louisa will pick us up and take us to Kutztown; a day later it is on to Bloomsburg. Since this is our last night in Peru, it seemed like a good time to say thank you:

Thank you, first, to Bloomsburg University, for letting me go, and to Beaver-Main Elementary for working with us on homeschooling Anna and Zeke.

Thank you to Dave, who is checking up on our house, Renee, who is taking care of Rooster the cat, Chris and Jill, who are housing and feeding our aging chickens, and Leon and Louisa, who are looking after our correspondence and legal and financial matters.

Thank you to all of you who who sent messages of love and support after the crash in January.

Thank you to several doctors and nurses, to Nat and Stacy, and to Luis and Victor, who helped us through the aftermath of that crash, and thank you to the policeman who thought to borrow our camera and take a picture of the license plate of the taxi we were riding in.

Thank you to countless fellow travellers who have swapped travel stories and travel advice with us, who have played with Anna and Zeke and watched puppet shows, and who have given us a constantly changing but heartfelt community.

Thank you to Hector, Pat, Felipe, Daniela, and Luis Maria, for your love, hospitality and company in Argentina.

Thank you to Jaime and Sara for a great trip through southwestern Bolivia.

Thank you to members, administrators, and students of nine different universities in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile, for welcoming me, opening your classrooms to me, and letting me talk a bit about math with you.

Thank you to Phil, who has given lots of good advice on South American universities along the way.

Thank you to owners and workers in 29 different hostels, for providing  beds, bathrooms, and often breakfast, but also for (in so many cases) friendliness, warmth, and a place to really feel at home.

Thank you to countless strangers all along the way who have been so welcoming and friendly to us. It is your warmth that has made this trip so great and makes us want to come back.

Thanks to all of you who have read and-or left comments, helping us feel connected with family and friends at home.

And thanks to Leticia, Anna, and Zeke, for being such great travelling partners.

Muchisimas gracias,


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