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For Sale

To start writing this post, I had to remember the password. To do that, I had to go back to the journal I kept during our trip in 2012. To get the journal, I went to the shanty (the unheated shed that is attached to the general store that is the front room of our 170-or-so-year-old framhouse), unstacked boxes until I found the one that says “Paul journals”, and got to the journal. It was surprisingly quick. Which means…

Our house is cleaner and sparser than it has been in recent memory. Which means…

It is for sale. Yep. Inspired largely by our time in South America, where we realized a) we really like walking and b) you can’t rent this place out to just anyone and c) even when we are here it takes a lot of our energy, we are moving to town. Bloomsburg, in particular, where I can walk to work, we can walk downtown, to friends’ houses, to the park, to restaurants…and where we will hopefully have more casual contact with folks, the kind we enjoyed so much at hostels and parks all over Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

The house has been on the market for 5 days, and there have been 5 showings. It is a little strange – we clear out half an hour or so ahead of time, then I feel something like I would if my kids were taking an important test with big financial ramifications. We usually get a text or phone call telling us when they are leaving, so we know when they were here for over an hour and when they were here for 12 minutes (both have happened).

Where in town are we going? Not sure yet.

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