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The day before his birthday Zeke had a tooth pulled; the day after he was stung by a bee in downtown Cusco (not mentioned in the “Dangers & Annoyances” section of the Lonely Planet Peru guide). Those were still good days, but March 9th was better.


On Pinkuylluna, high above Ollantaytambo, with Mauro, son of our friend Wither (who took the picture).


One of these kids looks different than all the rest. Wither, who took the picture above, is the ref in all black. The mountain that looms up out of the frame is the one we are on in that other picture.

We’re not really foodies, but after month in the small town of Ollantaytambo we have pretty well tried all the food options. A week spent in Cusco meant a chance for ethnic food. In the days leading up to Zeke’s birthday we had pizza (which, OK, you can get anywhere), huevos rancheros, udon noodles, and burritos.


The view from Winn’s in Cusco

We are already heavily loaded, so gifts for Zeke were small, and we decided to celebrate mostly with good food.


Breakfast! Pancakes with fruit at Jack’s in San Blas, Cusco.

Lunch was cheese & avocado sandwiches with banana, recovering from a big breakfast and readying for supper.


Supper! It looks like spaghetti there, but it’s really Maikhana, the Indian buffet close to the Plaza de Armas.


Thanks to everyone who sent birthday cards all the way to Cusco. They were much appreciated.


Dessert! Crepes at La Boheme.

Zeke has been doing well. A friend of ours invited him to be on a local soccer team, and so that is keeping us close to Ollantaytambo on Saturdays. He has been missing friends, but as I write this he and Anna are hanging out in the hostel with a friend from the team. There is much laughter from the living room. Still, he is looking forward to coming home – just three months from now.

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