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Regular Life

As I skim this blog, it seems like our lives are filled with South American adventures, interspersed with long periods of quiet where nothing happens, except that Paul runs a long race every few months. (Even those don’t all get talked about.) So what has happened since June 2017?

Zeke had a long year of other people trying to figure out why he had swollen joints and how best to treat them. He often used a wheelchair at school for part of the day when walking got too hard. We finally figured out a combination of big dietary changes and some medicine that got him pretty much back to normal. He was walking normally in May 2018, and ran a mile barefoot in 6:23 in September. And then he was a munchkin and a flying monkey and a citizen of Oz in Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s Wizard of Oz in November and December.


This, in early June 2018, was our first walk of over a mile in over a year. That’s Zeke showing his non-swollen knee.


Zeke represents the Lollipop Guild at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble.

Anna is spending her sophomore and junior years at Sandy Spring Friends School, in Maryland, living with our friends Jordan, Mariana, and Greta. She has run cross-country, been a nun in the Sound of Music, done well in school, and spent as much time in the woods as she can.


Anna, running cross country for Sandy Spring

Leticia has done all kinds of things at all kinds of places. Here’s one thing she does:


When it gets cold, Leticia plays with ice.

Paul keeps teaching math, keeps running, keeps playing music. And keeps thinking about the next sabbatical…


At the King Street Coffeehouse in Sunbury.

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