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If you know us, you know about us. But here we go anyway: We are Paul, Leticia, Anna, and Zeke. We live in a farmhouse outside Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Paul is a math professor at Bloomsburg University, which has been kind enough to grant him a leave of absence for the first half of 2012. And so we are travelling in South America.

An update: now it is 2015; we have returned from South America, have been back twice (see the updates), have moved from the house in the country to a small house in the town of Bloomsburg. And we’re starting to plan the next trip, eleven or so months spent in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina during a sabbatical year in 2016-17.

Another update: now it is July 2016. We leave in three days for five months in La Paz and six or seven months of wandering about.


9 thoughts on “about us

  1. Jerry Loomis

    This will be lots of fun for Grandpa Jerry to read of your adventures.

  2. Chris Groody


    Great to see you’re having fun in South America! I’m sure you’re a bit warmer there than we are here at Beaver-Main. I was glad to see that you were taking care of your school work….don’t work too hard! We look forward to seeing you back here in August. Safe travels!!!!

    Mr. G

  3. Elaine Graham

    Hello dear Weber-Loomis family… we have just received news back here of your recent auto accident. I’m wishing each of you well, especially Anna as she copes with the loss of her teeth… Anna, it will be OK!! Paul, sorry about the sutures but I’m so glad things aren’t worse. Meeting is holding you all in the Light… personally, I’m wishing you a speedy recovery from all injuries so you can continue with this wonderful adventure.
    Wishing I could bring you some soup and brownies,
    Elaine G

  4. Barbara Loomis

    What a nice picture of the farmhouse. I hadn’t clicked on “About us” before. Love to all. Mom, Barb, Grandma Barb

  5. Elaine Graham

    So glad to read that things are truly “normalizing” for you all! I love reading your posts and am grateful that you take the time to share your adventures with us. Anna, I see in your pictures that you are as beautiful as ever and I think Zeke has grown an inch!!
    Be careful for the rest of the trip… we can’t handle too much more excitement back here in PA!! 🙂 🙂

    Have fun!


  6. Elaine Graham

    Hello from PA where the weather has been wonderful allowing the forsythia, daffodils, hyacinths and other blossoms to burst out!! Belated birthday wishes to Zeke and anniversary wishes to you, Paul and Leticia!! I love the photos you are including in the blog… thanks for sharing so much of your trip.
    Blessings to all, Elaine

  7. Rosemarie (loomis)Crague

    I’ve just enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your picts. What a wonderful way to spent an hour (when I really should be in the garden working – before the rain comes this afternoon)! Thank you for the sharing you are doing – makes it feel like we are there too, sharing in your adventures. Thanks for your letters and pictures. Love, A. Rosie c.

  8. Leticia, it looks like you & your beautiful family are on an amazing adventure! I read one post and will read more when time permits:)

  9. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog and thought maybe we could connect. Families + Argentina (living in Cordoba but currently on a short holiday to La Falda) + life in South America + homebase on the Eastern Shore MD. Perhaps you could send me a message since I can’t find an email address to send to you? Best, Brittany

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